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A visa is required for travel to Switzerland

A valid passport and a business visa are required to enter Switzerland.

New York: Consulates require travelers to apply directly and may require a personal appearance to obtain your visa. We recommend that you contact the consular post for the latest forms and requirements before going to the Consulate in person. Many consulates require a registration deadline. Please contact:

Consulate General of Switzerland 12 East, 65th StreetNew York, NY-10065Tel.: 212-879-5800

The consulate gives you the latest visa requirements. Use only the requirements listed below for guidance.

Send these documents to Switzerland

Passport Requirements:

Original and signed passport, valid for 6 months after your stay in Switzerland, with at least one blank passport page for the Switzerland visa and entry stamp. Changing the page behind a pass is not suitable for visas in Pakistan.

Pakistan visa application form:

A visa application form for Switzerland. After completing the order, complete the application form included in your visa application file.

Photo requirements:

Four identical, newer color photos, 2 x 2 passports, front view, and pure/white background.

Washington, DC: You must provide two color photographs of a passport that meet the following criteria:

Recorded in the last three months and printed on high-quality photo paper
To take on a very white background
Be two inches by two inches
Make sure you have a full front view of your head, with your face centered and showing a neutral expression (smiling)
They should not wear glasses or scissors except for religious purposes.
Your photos should not be placed on your application and can not display tapes or staples.

OR – You can upload a photo when you place your order instead of providing photos of a physical passport.

Other forms:

Completed application form.

Official invitation:

Letter from the Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the sponsoring company in Pakistan.

Invitation letter:

A letter of invitation from sponsor (host company or individual) to Switzerland explaining the applicant’s relationship and the purpose of the trip. The letter should include a length of stay, location and contact information. In Chicago, attach a copy of the sponsor’s passport, ID or CNIC / NICOP.

Business Cover Letter:

Letter from an employer or sponsor company in the United States to a company letterhead presenting the candidate, indicating the status of his position/position and clearly indicating the purpose of the visit to Switzerland. The business letter should also specify who bears the financial responsibility of the applicant and provide detailed contact information in Pakistan.

The Pakistan Consulate requires a formal letter to support your request. To create a cover letter in Switzerland online, simply request this service and enter your information using the simple online visa application form, which will be sent to you as soon as you place your order.

Proof of Travel Arrangements:

The flight plan developed by the airline computer or a travel agency or a copy of airline tickets.

Other requirements:

A copy of the applicant’s driver’s license. To develop please develop. The driving license address must match the address indicated on the visa application form.

Special instructions:

The Switzerland Ministry of Home Affairs may need an NGO visa. If no permit is obtained quickly, the processing time of the visa is extended. The Switzerland Consulate will not reimburse the visa fee if the visa application is canceled or the visa is refused. Non-governmental organizations must provide proof of US registration and proof or registration to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, as well as a letter of recommendation/confirmation from the US Embassy in Switzerland. This document must include the name of the project in Switzerland and proof of financial responsibility.

Washington, DC: In your application, you must provide four (4) copies of all the documents listed above and four (four) images.

The validity of the visa:

A single-stay visa is valid for a stay of 30 days from three months to one year. A five-year multiple entry visa for a 90-day stay may be provided at the discretion of the consulate. Note: Previous Switzerland citizens can apply for a multiple entry visa for five years by filing a copy of the first three pages of their old Switzerland passport or identity card in their application.

Visa processing time:

The issuance of this visa requires the approval of the Government of Switzerland. The processing time depends on the approval of the consulate.

Register your trip to the US Embassy:

The US Department of State encourages US citizens who organize an international trip to register with the US Embassy in the countries they wish to visit. The registration will inform the US Embassy in each country of your travel plans and will be accompanied by the US Department of State’s Advisory Travel and Alert Program. Do not be safe while traveling internationally by registering Travisa on your trip to the State Department. Just fill out the form for your visa application form after placing your order.

Tickets or non-refundable bookings must be purchased only when all visas and passports are secure and your property.

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