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Residence New Zealand To live permanently in New Zealand, you need a residence visa.


To live permanently in New Zealand, you need a residence visa. There are many ways to get a resident visa, many of which start with a temporary visa that allows you to work, study or start a business in New Zealand. Some visas issued in the category of eligible migrants give you immediate residence. You must meet all the requirements of your visa to ensure that your trip is not interrupted.

How can Apply for a RESIDENTIAL VISA

Before you settle permanently in New Zealand, you need to determine which visa you can apply for and whether you can stay in New Zealand permanently through these visas. You also need to make sure you are ready to relocate to New Zealand, as you will need enough time to meet temporary visa or resident visa requirements.

Find your visa options to find out which visa you are entitled to

The visa you have in New Zealand may prescribe government-funded government services that you can access. The simplest visa is not necessarily the best.
Information for partners
If you move to New Zealand with your partner or your spouse, you may face special difficulties when you arrive.


information on how to found your family in New Zealand in order to live here and enjoy life.

Have a visa
New Zealand offers a range of partner options. Find out which visa you can be eligible for and how to apply. You should also check the visas your children need.

Visa options for partners and children

To find a job


Shikha learned that volunteering had allowed her to gain experience in New Zealand and help her find a job.

See the story of Shikha

Experience shows that finding a job often helps people live faster in New Zealand. It’s a great way to meet locals and make friends.

Most of the partners of skilled migrants are unemployed upon arrival. You can plan to focus on your family and settle in, or plan a career path or career path.

However, you will probably want to work at some point. Our job market can be very different from what you use. It is


useful to check which positions are available and how you can apply.

Even if you are well prepared, finding a job may take longer than expected. It may depend on the job


if your qualification is recognized

here,if your English is good and how much you are applying to your New Zealand employers. If you have a temporary work visa, some employers may be hired to hire because you can stay in New Zealand for the long term.

Find out what you can do to increase your chances of success.

Get ready for work

How to find and apply for jobs

Tips for a successful job search

Where and what did you learn in New Zealand?

Connect to work

volunteer work

Volunteering is a great way to meet people and gain work experience in New Zealand. Volunteering can also lead to referrals, which can be a real asset in your job search.

Volunteering allows you to maintain your job search skills. You can also learn new skills in a place where you want to go.

In New Zealand, volunteer opportunities are numerous. For example, many community groups and non-profit organizations need skilled workers to do some work that they otherwise spend.

To find volunteer work, you can consult community boards in your local halls, community centers, libraries or shopping malls. You can also consult your local volunteer center on the New Zealand Volunteering website.

Volunteer Centers  New Zealand Volunteers

Can I volunteer in New Zealand?  NZ Immigration


Being comfortable with society is essential to your success. There is a model for successes, failures, and tensions that you will follow. This is called the “development curve”. Everyone in your family should know it.

The submission process is time-consuming and it is normal to feel uncomfortable for a while.

Tips for fixing in New Zealand

learning English

Your conversation skills influence your speed and success in life.

If you want to work, you must be able to understand, speak and write English. The level of qualification required varies across sectors and jobs.

Whatever your situation, learning English will be easier to correct. English classes are a great way to meet other people with the same experience as you.

The website of the New Zealand Department of Immigration lists the requirements for English visas. Learn English on our Learn English page to learn how to make an upfront payment for courses if you do not meet these requirements.

Help to learn English

Requirements for the English language | NZ Immigration

Teach children education
If you have children, it’s a learning experience for you and for yourself when you study and find out how our study system works.

Education in New Zealand means giving children the knowledge, skills and values they need to succeed. Parental involvement will be encouraged throughout the preschool and school system.

Education and Education in New Zealand

Take care of your relationship
Moving to a new country can support your relationship.

Although the transfer is a split decision, tensions can arise when a partner destroys one in New Zealand at the expense of his or her career or lifestyle. One of you may be missed while others may enjoy a new experience.

Moving and the impact on your relationship

Access to help and support

Even if you prepare well, moving to a new country will probably bring you unexpected challenges.

New Zealand provides support services that will help you solve a variety of problems. Check our information to know in advance what is available and how to access it.

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