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For many people, the first step towards permanent living and working in the United States is fixed permanent resident status. There are three ways to get a green card: by winning the green card lottery, through your job or family.

Where can I apply for a Green Card?

The green card is an immigration visa for the United States. There are many ways to apply for an immigration visa to stay in the United States permanently. Generally, all applications are sent and processed by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Once the USCIS has approved the green card application, the most qualified candidate will have to make the “consular settlement” at the US Embassy in his home country. Starting in 2004, green card applications must be completed and submitted online.

Immigration by winning the Green Card Lottery – “Diversity Visa Program”
Employment / Investment Immigration – “employment-oriented categories”
Immigration by family reunification – “Categories of families.

Admission requirements, application processes, and functions, waiting times, competent authorities and costs vary depending on the category of the green card. The first step is to determine which category of a green card is your concern. Maybe you have parents in the United States, a job offer in the United States or an idea to start a new business in the United States? However, some things never change and the easiest way to get a green card for US fans is to participate in the Green Card Lottery.

Green Card through the Green Card Lottery

The easiest way to get green cards is the green card lottery. The US State Department presents 55,000 green cards each year as part of the Diversity Visa program. Although luck is needed, it is the best way for those who want to realize their dream of living in the United States. The inhabitants of each participating country have a good chance of winning because no country receives more than 7% of all green cards.

It is easy to take one of these coveted residence permits via the Green Card loft. Simply register to participate in the annual draw. American Dream is the largest green advisory agency card in the world, offering a full range of comprehensive services, especially for all green card lottery problems. If you have 55,000 lucky winners, you have the right to apply for a green card and move to the United States.

Tips for the application:

Husbands and couples under the age of 21 will automatically receive a green card if the application is included.
Women of the same-sex winners will automatically receive a green card if the marriage is legal under US law.

Green Card through a Job

There are several visa options for those who want to work in the United States. The required visa depends on the type of work and under what conditions. Therefore, each case must be verified. The decision to choose a work visa depends on the qualifications, citizenship, expected length of stay, affiliation or constellation of the company. The most common types of visas (non-immigrants) are American charities. If you want to live and work in the United States, you must apply for an immigration visa (green card) in one of the following categories. Please note that the request for most US work visas is a very complicated and time-consuming process.

In the following situations, you get a green card in a job:

You get a very specific job offer for a position that some Americans can fill. The employer must complete the application with the USCIS and the Ministry of Labor and complete the application process
Business owners and investors receive green cards to create new jobs in the United States
Certain categories of immigrant visas permit a so-called self-paced request. Individual applications may be used to designate individuals with exceptional abilities under the “Foreign Affected Abroad” option or the “National Interest Waiver” option.
Eligible candidates for a specific job category can also apply for this offer.

Green Card through the Family

One of the foundations of the Green Card program is to ensure that families stay together when a member emigrates to the United States. Immediate relatives of those married to US citizens or green card holders will also receive a green card. Each individual case is subject to category restrictions. In addition, the applicant must wait for a green card to be available. It’s very different between categories.


Family members of a Green Card member have the right to move to the United States. Under US immigration law, not only US citizens, but also green card holders (permanent residents) have the right to ask some family members to get a green card. Bringing American families is subject to restrictions.

The US Immigration Act allows the following family members of Green Card holders to apply for a Green Card:

Wife of the holders of the green card
People married to a green card holder may be immigrants if the marriage is legally binding and not a marital act.

Women are included in the second category preferably under subsection F2A. There is an annual quota for the number of visas issued in this category. Applicants should expect to wait before receiving their green card (see Visa Bulletin).

Single children of green cardholders under 21

According to the annual immigration quota, the difference between unmarried children under 21 and children over 21 varies. Children under 21 can migrate faster because they fall into the category of second wishes. However, there is an expectation and an applicant can wait for years before receiving his green card. The same conditions apply to adoptive children and stepchildren.

Single children of a green card holder for 21 years

The children of single green card holders over the age of 21 must, unfortunately, wait for years before receiving their green card. Children are included in the second category of preference but in subsection F2B. The exact time of waiting and the immigration quota are indicated in the Visa Bulletin, published monthly by the US Immigration Services. The same conditions apply to adoptive children and stepchildren.


US citizens can also apply for an immigration visa for members of their immediate family under certain conditions. The US Immigration Act allows the following family members to apply for a green card:

Immediate relatives of an American citizen:

Single children under 21
Parents of US citizens (if the petitioner is over 21)
Other close family members:

Unmarried children over 21 (First choice)
Married children 21 years old (third preference)
Sister or sister (fourth preference)
Please note that US citizens do not have an immigration visa for other family members, such as aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc.


To apply for an immigrant visa through a family member with a green card, you must follow these steps:

The first step is to apply for a green card (I-130, Petition for a Foreign Parent) to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). In this case, the principal applicant is always the holder of the green card or the US citizen who applies for parents.
The petition must include documents such as birth certificates, proof of family ties, etc. The amount administered by USCIS depends on the relationship of the green card holder with the family member.
USCIS will support the request if they are convinced that the family relationship is real.
The petition may be refused if, for example, the US authorities consider the marriage unrealistic and apply only to spouses

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