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Business Visa Application Requirements for a Saudi Arabia Visa


You will need to present your signed passport, including a copy of the information page of your personal passport. Your passport must:
Be valid for the next six months. Have at least two consecutive pages of blank visas. Do not fray, tear, separate or otherwise modify
If your passport does not meet these requirements, please contact VisaCentral at 877-535-0688 for more information.


You must provide color photographs of passports that meet the following criteria:
Printed on high-quality photo paper in the last three months
To take on a very white background
Be two inches by two inches
Make sure you have a full front view of your head, with your face centered and showing a neutral expression (smiling)
They must not wear glasses or scissors except for religious purposes
Your photo should not be placed on your app and should not display a stick or staple
business letter

Business Cover Letter

You must provide an original business letter from your US-based company. All letters must be printed on company letterhead containing a US mailing address. Use the attached cover letter example to complete your letter.
Visa application form

Visa Application Form

You must provide a complete copy of the visa application form included in this package. The application form must:
Include answers for all fields
Enter your full name as it appears on your passport
Enter your mobile number
Enter your e-mail address
invitation letter

The initial invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia is required. The organization you visit in Saudi Arabia is responsible for the invitation. The letter should: Addressed to the Royal Embassy of the Saudi Embassy in Washington DC. Indicate the full local address and telephone number of the organization or person you are traveling to. Apply for the same validity of the visa as in the professional introductory letter. Enter the number of entries you have requested for your visa. If your sponsoring organization in Saudi Arabia receives an invitation from you, please check the following.

Letter of Invitation

The invitation should be addressed to the Saudi Consulate in Washington DC. If the city specified is different, your visa must be processed in that city and the requirements may vary. VisaCentral will help you in this case, but you must contact us for further instructions.
The invitation must be signed and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia or your sponsoring organization.
Business Registration Certificate

You must provide a copy of the business registration of the Saudi company inviting or sponsoring your trip. The copy must have a letter of approval issued by the State Department.
VisaCentral Purchase Order

Provide the VisaCentral Order Form included in this package.
Registration Enjaz

Online registration at the Saudi Consulate, an Enjaz, must be completed in addition to your visa application form. VisaCentral will complete this registration on your behalf once we have received your application form and related documentation. We can not use the Enjaz provided by the applicants. $ 65.00 service charge and one additional business day.
Remember Saudi laws and regulations

Certificate of Business Registration

You must provide a duly completed notification of the Saudi laws and regulations contained in this kit.
business contract

VisaCentral Order Form

Note that the embassy may request a copy of the commercial agreement signed by the Saudi company/importer and the US company (applicant’s employer).

Urgent Applications

If you have an urgent visa application with a tight deadline, VisaCentral can help you save valuable time and avoid delays. A VisaCentral expert will review all your documents to confirm that your application is accurate, complete and ready to submit. We will contact you personally to quickly resolve errors and ensure that your request is correctly submitted.

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