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Canada Visa for Study

Canadian universities are promoted each year through more than 130,000 international students. With a high-quality education system, Canada is also rich in opportunities and cultures. Research, academic publications, and international collaboration are three aspects that focus on Canada and its universities.

Apply for a student visa in Canada?

The Government of Canada offers all Indian students the opportunity to study in the country, but you must first have a Study Permit and a Temporary Resident Permit (TRV).


To qualify for a Canadian Study Permit, you must:

You must be enrolled in a particular educational institution
Provide proof of education, living expenses, and travel expenses
I do not have a criminal record
Be in good health (you may need to have a medical exam)
Prove that you leave Canada after graduation.

 Study permit application

You can apply for a study permit from Canadian authorities after receiving a letter of admission. You must apply immediately, while visa processing times in Canada may be several months.

The registration application is completed online or by hand. Your local visa application center is available to apply.

For some courses, you can submit the application online via scanned documents. You can also print a completed online application and send it with the corresponding documents.
You can click the confirmation button at the top of the online form to see if the form is complete and which sections it may be necessary to complete.
At least one proof of financial support requires proof that you can pay tuition and $ 10,000 per 12-month period.

As part of your application, you probably need a medical certificate from a panel in your country.

A police certificate and biometric information (fingerprints and photos) may also be required if you are from a country on the list of biometric countries.

What is a study permit?

It is not a visa, it is a permit or a document issued by the Immigration and Citizenship Service (CIC), which allows you to study in Canada. If you have permission to study, you must stay connected and make reasonable and timely progress to complete your course.

For your entry into Canada, you need a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) in addition to your study permit. Please note that study permits are a document that allows you to study in Canada, while the TRV is a visa for Canada. Your consultant will help you access the latest information and connect with authorized migration experts.

Documents required for your study permit

To apply for your study permit, you need:

A confirmation letter from your educational institution and
A valid passport or travel document

You also need:

Prove that you have enough money to pay your money:
The cost of living for you and all your family members who come to Canada with you, and
Discharge for you and all family members who come to Canada with you
Be a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record and no security in Canada (you may need to provide a police certificate)
Be in good health (you may need to have a medical exam)

You must also attend a personal meeting at the Canadian Embassy or Consulate.

To prove that you can support your finances and those of all members of your family, you can ask:

Documentation of a Canadian bank account for you if money is transferred to Canada
Documentation of a student loan/studies of a financial institution
bank statement
A bank bill to convert money
Proof of payment of tuition and accommodation
A letter to the person or institution providing your funds
Proof of funding from Canada if you have a scholarship or participate in a Canadian-funded education program

Please note that these are the basic requirements.

Student Stream Directly

As a student in India, you can get your study permit faster through the Student Direct Stream (SDS). If you choose to request an SDS, you may need additional documentation in this case.

Apply for your visa online

You must apply for an online student visa on the official CIC website. You can apply in Canada up to three months before the scheduled date of your trip. Note that the date of your application is the date on which your registration fee is paid.

Study costs

As a non-Canadian applicant, you must pay CAD 150 as a visa fee (see last payment if applying here).

Requirements in English

To obtain your visa in Canada, you must provide proof of proficiency in English. This usually means a security test in English to prove your communication and correspondence skills.

The International Language Test System (IELTS) is the most popular high school language test for study, employment, and migration. More than three million tests were performed last year. IELTS results are recognized by more than 10,000 organizations in 140 countries around the world, including academic institutions, employers, professional associations and governments.

You can always attend a free consultation where you can guide you through the visa application process.

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