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Everything You Should Know About the UK Transit Visa

You have traveled from South Africa through the UK and you feel a bit lost if you need a transit visa or not. Frequent changes in visa and immigration rules travel to Britain and cross Great Britain with a puzzling problem, even for the most seasoned travelers. However, this article will answer the most frequently asked questions about the British transit visa and illuminate this large building.

Type of UK transit visa?

There are two types of transit visas for the United Kingdom:

An airside transit visa (DATV) is valid for 24 hours and you do not want to pass the British border (ie you have to stay on the air side). With this transit visa, you can go through the transit channels and leave the same airport the same day. DATV is perfect if you are traveling to Europe and need a connected flight in the UK.

Direct airside transit visa

A travel visa for a visa is valid for 48 hours and allows you to change terminals and pass control of the British border. The transit visitor visa is intended for travelers who need to check their baggage or request a connected flight to another airport (for example, when you arrive at Gatwick Airport and your flight departs from Heathrow Airport). This only allows you to stay in the UK for 48 hours.

Guests with a transit visa


Who needs a UK Transit Visa?

You need a transit visa if you have to pass a check at the border. They passed border control when:

They left the airport building for some reason
You must take your luggage and double check
Your connecting flight starts from another airport
Your flight connection will start another day than your arrival
There is no place to spend the night at the airport
They crossed Great Britain to go to Ireland
Note: You may need to re-register your luggage if you are connecting flights to different airlines.

If you are leaving the airport to visit friends or family, or just want to explore the country, you can apply for a visitor visa from the UK.

Who does not need a British transit visa?

You do not need a transit visa if you:

Visa valid for Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the United States
have a valid visa or residence permit for the United Kingdom
Note: If you have a valid visa for Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the United States and your final destination is one of these countries, or if you are traveling abroad to travel abroad you do not need a transit visa. However, you must leave the same day and have a return flight and all relevant documents. This is called “visa-free transit”.

How much does the UK transit visa cost?

Direct transit visas for air – around R659 (£ 35)

Visits of visitors – approx. € 120 (£ 64)

How long does a British transit visa last?

The transit visa for the UK is usually valid for 6 months and allows you to enter multiple entries so that your future trip meets the same criteria as the original transit trip (for example, you can not leave the airport if you receive a Direct Airside Transit visa). You can also make a return trip with the visa (the same visa can be used for your return trip).

How can I apply for a British transit visa?

The UK transit visa application procedure is identical to that of the UK visitor visa. This is done online via the GOV.UK website.

You will need:

Fill out the application form and answer in English
pay visa fees online
Print your completed application form
Book and meet your appointment in a visa application center
Find a visa application center

For the UK transit visa application, you need the following:

A valid passport

Flight reservation (e-mail or copy of ticket)
A valid visa for the country you are leaving in the UK

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