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Everyone around you is talking about a green card, but you are not sure of the interest of the buzz. What is the exact green card? The American dream does not only give you answers, it will also guide you in achieving your dream of an American immigration visa!


THE Immigration Visa for America

The green card is an American immigration visa, officially called “Permanent Resident Card for the United States”. With a green card, you can study at the prestigious Harvard University, be part of the next Silicon Valley start-up, work in the countryside or retire to the land of opportunity. It’s wonderful, is not it?

You must know that there are additional rights and obligations if you have a permanent visa for the United States. These conditions are easy to handle and easy to handle for any green card holder. But what is GreenCard? As a general rule, the permanent resident card is not a tourist visa, but your ticket to make your new home. Enjoy all the benefits of a green card!

How can I get a green card?

In general, the first step to immigrate, live and work permanently in the United States is a green card. It’s not easy to get hold of one of these cards, but it’s not impossible. One of the following ways will take you there:

by a highly qualified job offer;
with a large investment in different conditions;
by family and o
by winning the green card lottery.


If you do not have an immediate family or current employment prospects in the United States, the Green Card Lottery offers you the best chance of obtaining a US immigration visa. US authorities spend 55,000 green cards each year. Since 1996, the American Dream team has supported the emigration of state licensing advisors at every step of the green card process. We are here for you when you ask for a green card.

Immigration Service

US Resident or USCIS Immigration Service: Have all the provisions of this green card been obtained? The back of all these official terms and abbreviations can be found in our Green Card glossary.

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