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How to Get a Diplomatic Visa for the UK

Who Can Apply?

Information for diplomats, government officials and members of governments who want to travel to or through the UK.

How to Apply?

Diplomatic visas or special visas are available for holders of diplomatic or special passports. The approval of the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs may be required. In this case, the visa must be applied before the applicant applies for a visa.

Applicants must submit:

A letter from the embassy or competent department regarding the type of visa required, the purpose of the trip, the expected length of stay and the rank of the applicant.
Flight details, including the name of the airline, flight number in Saudi Arabia, arrival, date and time of arrival.
Probably. Proof of approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The UK visa policy

The UK visa policy s the policy by which the Kingdom government determines who may or may not enter the UK country, as well as the dependencies of the Guernsey, Jersey, and Island Crowns. of Man. Customers must obtain a visa unless they are free.

The United Kingdom is a member of the European Union but does not wish to participate in the Schengen Open Space. It has its own visa policy and maintains the Common Travel in the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

British overseas territories usually apply their own special, but legal, visa policy

The UK visa policy is the same as the Schengen visa policy. All members of the Schengen area have free access to Annex II, with the exception of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro and Macedonia Northern Ireland, Peru, Serbia, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela. The United Kingdom also offers visa-free travel in several other countries: Belize, Botswana, Maldives, Nauru, Namibia and Papua New Guinea.


UK transit policies provide for two types of transit in the United Kingdom – visa-free transit and visa-free transit – which are mandatory for visa nationals, which have been abolished as of 1 December 2014 and the rules for displacement replaced by the United Kingdom. Despite the list below, persons exempted from “nationality” for the transit visas are also subject to a transit visa when traveling to the United Kingdom in other parts of the tourist zone. common, including Ireland.

Airside Transit

Available only at London Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport and Manchester Airport.only available for passengers arriving and departing the same day by air to an international destination other than Ireland.
only available for passengers who have not left the airside of the airport and have not passed immigration control. Passengers generally require a visa to enter the United Kingdom but have a direct transit visa or a passport-free country, ie a direct transit visa for transit.

Land displacement

Only for passengers arriving and departing the next day by plane, who must pass an immigration check and leave the airport only for transit purposes.
Passengers are concerned that a visitor visa is usually required to enter the UK, but that a visa allows them to visit a transit visa or visa.

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