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How To Get Australian Skilled Migration From India?

Australia is the main destination for specialized migrants in the world. Many Australian visas offer candidates the opportunity to live, work and live in Australia. India is one of the main sources of immigration to Australia. Thousands of people travel to Australia each year with different work visas. If you are an Indian and plan to live and work in Australia, I will inform you of the basic process. You can receive the Australian visa in Australia.

What are the key Requirements to apply for a Skilled Migration visa in Australia from India?

To qualify for an Australian PR visa, you must:

Prepare your documents to apply for a qualification visa
Implement your certification through an approved Australian testing laboratory
You must speak English and receive IELTS language certification in accordance with the standard
When you have completed your documents, explore the jobs you are looking for in different Australian states or territories based on their SOL (Qualified Professions List) or see CSOL (Global List of Qualified Races).
You can also explore the latest list of known works from Canberra, capital of Australia. ACT (Australian Capital Territory) list of job descriptions.
Choose the job you want to apply for a public relations visa, based on the plans and requirements from the list above the job.
The Health and Character Certificate may be required later.
(Note: As of April 19, 2017, the Australian Government has replaced the old crew list, SOL & CSOL, with new lists of skilled jobs, namely the list of medium and long-term strategic skills. (MLTSSL) and short-term skilled jobs (STSOL).

Candidates with the right to appoint a professional to STSOL will have access to certain TLMLS professions. As a result, the two lists (STSOL and MLTSSL) are combined into a new combined list of qualified skilled jobs. Therefore, there is no separate STSOL list.)

What are the key Australian PR or Skilled Visa categories to apply for an Indian?

You can request two major public relations visa transfers:

Qualified Migration Visas: You can apply for a visa in this category, if you have the required skills and experience in Australia, in addition to the other requirements listed above.
Here are the main visas listed in this category:

Qualified Independent Visa (Subclass 189)
Qualified Visa (Subclass 190)

How do you apply for an independent qualification transfer visa?

To apply for an eligible visa migration, you must apply to the Australian electronic immigration system SkillSelect. You must submit a declaration of interest to SkillSelect to select the profession (in Australia). Gather and prepare all necessary documents before submitting EOI online. If your profile is selected by the Australian Immigration Service, you will be asked to apply for a visa within 60 days.

How to Apply for Sponsored or nominated visas?

You can apply online for a sponsored or appointed visa for public relations. You must create an ImmiAccount account and submit an online application to all details of your profile. D. Skills, age, work experience, language skills, etc. Prepare all your documents before creating an account and submitting the application online. Since this is a sponsored/named visa, you will also need the reference name received from your employer to submit an online application.

How an Immigration Consultant can help you apply for the visa in Australia?

If you are applying for an Australian visa for the first time in India, it is advisable to apply for Australian immigration to India under the supervision of a reliable immigration consultant. Visas Avenue has earned a reputation as a leader in immigration consulting and advice in Australia and Canada.

Visa Avenue immigration specialists will be accompanied by you to understand your visa requirements and immigration requirements and, as such, recommend the appropriate procedure and visa option. In addition, they help you with basic immigration procedures, such as: For example, online application submission, visa submission, documentation.

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