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How to Get the Employment Visa in Dubai

Do you want to live and work in Dubai, also known as “City of Gold”? US citizens with valid passports and confirmed return air tickets can travel to the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for up to one resident. One month without a visa: To live and work in Dubai, you need a work visa. According to the United Arab Emirates government, a prosperous and futuristic city has more emigrants than UAE citizens, it’s relatively simple, here’s everything you need to know.


To obtain a work visa in Dubai, you must have a valid passport and work in the United Arab Emirates. Your employer will help you with the documents required for your temporary employment authorization and the Dubai work visa.

Apply for Employment in Dubai

To obtain a work visa in Dubai, it is important to receive a job offer from a United Arab Emirates company. If you are transferring from the United States to your company office in Dubai or starting to work for a new employer, you will not receive a work visa in Dubai without a job, because you will need an Emirian sponsor to stay in the country. Although it is advisable to find a job before moving, foreigners will probably go to a rich city and find a job there.

Begin the UAE Work Visa Process

When you find a job in Dubai and accept it, your employer is responsible for submitting the first documents to the Department of Human Resources and the UAE (MoHRE) to start the UAE work visa. The law also requires your employer to pay visa fees. In general, the process of obtaining an Emirati work visa takes about two to three weeks. Then, the MoHRE will send you a two-month work permit allowing you to enter the country.

Paperwork for Dubai Work Visas

With your two-month employment authorization and with the help of your employer, you can now collect the required documents for your Dubai employment visa (the requested documents keep changing, consult the official office for current conditions) ). These documents may include a completed application, a valid passport valid for at least six months, several passport photos, copies of your employment contract, educational certificates, a commercial license from your employer and your work permit of two months.

In addition, all foreign applicants must visit a local hospital for medical examinations and health certificates.

Submit Your Paperwork

Once you have accumulated the necessary documents for your work visa, your employer can help you send them to the Dubai Ministry of Labor. You will review, approve and issue your Dubai work visa. An important point about Dubai work visas: when you leave the United Arab Emirates, it is important that your employer cancels your residence visa because you could be arrested if you are an employee or travel to the country to return without prior notice.

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