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Marriage Visa Thailand

To apply for a wedding visa for Thailand, you must first marry a Thai citizen.

If you are applying for a foreign spouse visa, you must leave Thailand every 90 days upon arrival in Thailand, more commonly known as the border crossing.

If you are not married in Thailand, you will need to bring original marriage certificates certified by your embassy in Bangkok, then translate into Thai and certified by the State Department in Bangkok.

The financial requirements for getting a wedding visa in Thailand are that you have 400,000 baht in a Thai bank account in Thailand for two months before submitting your application, or a legal certificate from your embassy in Bangkok confirming that you have well earned your money. per month.

Thai immigration receives a combination of deposit and income.

The next request is that you have a lease of at least 6 months, which is borne by the owner of the property.

The wedding visa for Thailand is only valid for one year and must be renewed every year by the same procedure as the initial application procedure.

Once the visa has been issued, you must report to immigration every 90 days to confirm your place of residence.

If you want to leave Thailand with a wedding visa. You must obtain a re-registration stamp from your local Thai immigration office before traveling. Otherwise, your visa will be canceled upon your departure from Thailand.

Visa requirements may vary slightly depending on the location. The conditions for all visas in Thailand are subject to change without notice. It is therefore advisable to contact your Thai consulate or visa representative before submitting your application.

Remember that consular officials and immigrants grant the right to request additional documents if they deem it necessary.

English lawyer in Thailand

By using an English-speaking lawyer in Thailand, you can be independent, not necessarily to accompany you, and rely on their integrity and ability to accurately meet your requirements and needs. You can also benefit from holding your discussion in complete confidentiality.

An anglophone lawyer in Thailand, supported by a group where everyone speaks English, can be worth gold. The purpose of our legal services The English-speaking Hua Hin Group is to ensure that all foreigners are informed about a wide range of privacy issues in order to ensure the priority of their interests.

Thailand  Marriage

If you are married to a Thai or other foreigners in Thailand, the marriage will only be recognized in your country of residence if it is recognized under Thai law.

First, you must go to your embassy in Bangkok to obtain confirmation of your marital status. Usually, your message must make an appointment. You probably pay the fees for this service.

The next requirement is that you have a copy of your passport translated into Thai, only the first page of your photo and personal information, and confirmation of your wedding in Thailand.

Both documents must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok. This legalization lasts at least 24 hours.

After all, you need two people to attend the wedding in a recognized government office that you choose.

As a foreigner, you will receive a marriage certificate in Thai on the day of the wedding. It must be translated and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok. Then you must report your marriage to your embassy or consulate in Bangkok.

Requirements checklist for both party pairs;

2 copies of your passport (first page only) The first page of your passport must be sent to Thailand and certified by the Bangkok MFA.
Thai citizens need two copies of their identity card and house book
Confirmation of the freedom of marriage, translated and certified by the MFA in Bangkok.
2 witnesses
You must allow at least 4 to 5 days to complete the checklist. The last stage of the wedding in Thailand is to make an appointment with the local government agency of your choice.

Home ownership

Thailand Property Buyers Guide

Buying property in Thailand can be risky. The first obstacle to overcome is the fact that foreigners are not allowed to own land.

The next problem is how to find a good real estate agent, as any real estate agent in Thailand can be, because the sector is not regulated and no license is required. Another problem is that all documents are in Thai, which is common sense, until a lawyer calls.

By using the fact that foreigners are not allowed to own land, what are the opportunities available to you if you live or want to invest in Thailand.

Legal restrictions

Foreigners can not have land in Thailand under the law. All foreigners have the following options: either a lease or the purchase of a limited liability company. Foreigners and condominiums can be purchased if at least 51% of the property is owned by Thai nationals. Foreigners with Thai partners have different options. In this case, you can register the property in his name and register the building in your name, where there is a legal rental agreement between you and your partner Grundamt.

Buying a Condo or apartment in Thailand

An easy way for a foreigner to buy a property in Thailand is to buy a condo or apartment. The Thai Condominium Law of 2008 allows non-Thai nationals to acquire up to 49% of condominium units in an establishment, and this type of purchase is considered real estate. Even if buying a house in Thailand is fairly honest, you need to know the associated risks. All contracts relating to documentation and purchases must be carefully considered, as separate condominiums and regulations may apply to the development of different condominiums.


Rental is a very popular way for foreigners to buy a property in Thailand. The Thai authorities encourage foreigners to follow this path. The most common type of lease is 30-year ownership registration, which can only be reallocated or shared if these clauses are included in the lease prior to registration with the Crown.

Starting Business

The creation of a Thai company is another way for foreigners to settle in Thailand, but it can be complicated and expensive. You probably need good legal advice before considering this option.


If your partner is Thai, the country can be registered under his name and you can register a rental agreement. However, as always, we recommend that you seek prior legal advice

Finding an estate agent

Because real estate agents in Thailand are not regulated and unlicensed, you have to be careful because anyone can settle down as a real estate agent without prior experience.

As a first step, we recommend using the Internet and consulting local forums to find a trusted and reputable real estate agent.

Do your homework

If you feel that the property is accurate in your opinion, you should study the developer or owner online. Read local real estate forums on the Internet and ask questions about the property.

After-sales support and maintenance costs are a problem. Therefore, chatting with local residents and doing research online can save you a lot of trouble and future costs.

Before signing a contract, make sure that a complete audit of the land title is held in the public administration. It is important to verify that the seller has a clear and legitimate ownership of the property and that there is no ongoing charge or debt recognized against the property until a contractual agreement has been concluded. concluded.

Make sure the notice is written that a deposit paid before the sign of the contract is fully refunded.

Check out other property prices

The price valuation of a property involves many variables. In general, a buyer should check the prices of other properties in the area to determine if the property is for sale at realistic market value.


In Thailand, with many properties, the government does not provide tap water through pipes. The property is usually a source of water from tankers owned by private companies. This water is often dirty and the availability can be incredible.

Another important aspect is the owner of the diet. Once again, many builders register their expedition and pay a significant premium to residents. In case of dispute, you have the right to interrupt the power supply of your property.

Transfer fees and taxes

All real estate transactions are subject to state fees. In addition to the annual property tax, this approximate benchmark represents approximately 6.3% of the total amount of the sale.

Make a Last Will and Testament

It is strongly recommended to arrange for a Thai and Thai will including your newly acquired property. Thinking about your death is not pleasant, but the last thing you want to do is to feed your family more at this time. Your property in Thailand is part of your property when you sign a contract and make your first payment. Therefore, you have an asset to plan your property before giving it.



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