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Nepali residents mean a native of Nepalese origin, and this term also includes Nepali living abroad. “Nepalese origin foreigner” means a person or his father, mother, grandparents are Nepalese citizens at any time and then have obtained the nationality of a foreign country other than the members of the Regional Cooperation Association of Nepal. South Asia (SAARC). Nepalese citizen residing abroad” means a Nepalese citizen who has been living abroad for at least two years, practicing a profession, profession or trade or profession, other than a resident of Nepal residing in a Member State from SAARC or serving a diplomatic mission or consulate abroad under the authority of the Government of Nepal and attending a higher education institution in another country. NRN can also register as NRN and receive its identity card.

Who can apply?

Nepali immigrants who live or work abroad or intend to continue to practice or study in Nepal can provide non-cottage visas to Nepal for themselves and their families.

What is needed to apply?

Six copies of the application forms in pictures.
A copy of the passport.A copy of the last Nepalese visa (if he stayed in Nepal).
Health certificate.Letters of recommendation from the embassy or community development committee concerned
In case of student status of this visa, a recommendation from a school, college or research institution.

Where should the application be submitted?

Royal Diplomatic Missions of Nepal or foreign countries.
Immigration Department of Nepal.


Up to 10 years can be extended.

Issuing Authority 

Department of Immigration with the permission of the Government of Nepal, His Majesty.

Renewal Authority

Immigration Department.


Paid $ 100 a year. For the student status of this visa category, the fee is $ 50 per year. Visa fees are negligible for people under 16 years old.

Note: According to the Immigration Order, family terms include a spouse, a spouse, a father, a mother, and a dependent son and daughter.

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