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Obtaining a Working Visa for Saudi Arabia

For many decades, many Filipino overseas workers (OFW) and nationals of other countries have decided to work in Saudi Arabia. If you want to work in the Kingdom, you must first apply for a work visa.
Saudi Visa Services is a London-based professional agency specializing in the following areas:

Saudi Arabia work visa

With a work visa from Saudi Arabia, you can spend three months with a visa to enter Saudi Arabia. You must have a work contract with different requirements before applying.In general, employers offer jobs in Saudi Arabia through recruitment agencies. In the Philippines, the Philippine Overseas Employment Association (POEA) studies recruitment agencies and vacancies. Therefore, make sure the job you are interested in is recognized by this agency.

Application for a work visa in Saudi Arabia

You will receive a work visa for Saudi Arabia in consultation with the recruitment agency and your employer. Before signing anything, make sure your “work package” includes a work contract, a medical report, a memo for the embassy and other important documents. You must be 18 to apply for a work visa in Saudi Arabia. Otherwise, you are considered a minor.
The maximum age for applying for a work visa in Saudi Arabia is 55 years old. An employer can still sponsor a person over 55, provided they have a special permit issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
If you plan to work in Saudi Arabia or receive only one job offer in the kingdom, make sure you understand all these requirements. In addition, you can ensure that you work with accredited and recognized recruitment agencies.
In Saudi Arabia, the admission process is very long and complex and is summarized here. Further details are always provided when someone chooses to work in Saudi Arabia. On average, you can expect treatment for up to eight weeks.

Summary of General Visa Application Methods for Saudi Arabia:

If a job is offered in Saudi Arabia, your prospective employer is responsible for enforcing your work visa approval code.Your employer or recruitment firm will then send you your employment contract with brochures and information explaining the visa application process and the type of work required for you.

Your work package should always contain:

A medical report for the Royal Saudi Embassy in Canada or for the country where you are located.
The embassy’s accreditation protocol
A visa application form
Declaration of religious form
Note the clearance of the police
First of all, you should consult your doctor and complete the medical examination because lab results are needed which may take some time. Everything should be back in three months to be precise. Your doctor should also fill out the official form. Then the council of doctors and surgeons or the competent authority in your area will examine it. If you send them the form, you can also specify the address where they are to be sent and send the shipping costs directly to Saudi Arabia. The form also contains all necessary medical examinations.

Make sure your passport is valid and has two blank pages and you have signed it. If your passport carries the stamps of Israel, you will not get a visa for Saudi Arabia.

All original qualification certificates must be sent to your recruiter for review.
You need a high school diploma or the equivalent and all your documents must be in French or English. If you lose something, you will need an official letter containing all the details of your qualification from the original principal and a copy of the certificate of origin. You must also send a letter from a former employer in your country containing the details of your employment contract.

Once this level is reached, you will need to compile and submit all necessary documents. It is best to keep copies of everything and send them by mail to ensure their arrival and save time.

Relocating to Riyadh

Saudi Arabia is a diverse country with more than a third of its inhabitants, and the capital, Riyadh, is no different.Riyadh is a very conservative city compared to other places like Jeddah. Be sure to respect their standards and beliefs about dress and interaction.Although the Riad is not a very expensive place to live, placement and study of children can be very expensive, especially if they are not covered or subsidized by your employer.As an expatriate moving to Riyadh, you may feel a little worried. Since Saudi Arabia has no freedom in the tourism industry, you will not know the country from your travels.The practice of Muslims is the only exception. Every year, millions of believers make the hajj, go to Mecca and go to Riyadh and the holy city. For newcomers to the Saudi capital, our guide will serve as a preview.

A Hot Climate in the ‘Gardens’

The transfer to Riyadh will take you to the capital and the largest city of Saudi Arabia. It is located in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula in Central Province. The region in which Riyadh is located is called Nedjid or Najd (there are many transcriptions in Arabic). a rocky mountain in the desert, about 600 meters above sea level. Unfortunately, the height of the city is not high enough to influence the local climate. Expats living in cities are exposed to temperatures of up to 50 ° C in summer. Sandals are also common.

Due to the hot weather in Riyadh, for migrants in Riyadh, it may seem inappropriate that the name of the city means “gardens”. The description refers to the date palms around the capital, which gave the city its current name in the 17th century. At first, the agreement was called Hajir, from the pre-Islamic period. Centuries after Hajir became a riad, it was for the first time called the Saudi capital. However, the so-called second state of Saudi Arabia in the early 19th century was destroyed by a rival dynasty.

It was necessary to wait for Riyadh until 1932 to become the capital of modern Saudi Arabia. At that time, its population is estimated at 40,000 people. Eighty years later, it broke out in a metropolis almost the same size as Greater London. Settling in Riyadh can be a fascinating prospect in the capital of Saudi Arabia, one of the richest cities in the Arab world.

Diverse Demographics

It is difficult to say how many inhabitants of Riyadh. The rapid development of the capital’s population is determined by the Saudi birth rate of two or more children per woman, as well as by many foreigners moving to Riyadh. According to the 2004 census, Riyadh would have more than four million inhabitants. However, a 2006 survey estimates this figure at 4.6 million. In 2013, the population is expected to reach 5.2 million and is estimated at 7 million in 2016.

It is difficult to say what is the proportion of foreign residents. However, it is estimated that up to 40% of all residents are not Saudis. Most people emigrate from Africa to Riyadh, as well as other Arab states. Other foreigners are Western expatriates or countries from South and Southeast Asia. Migrants with minor employment opportunities for unskilled workers, for example. The construction industry often suffers from poor working conditions and inefficient treatment. However, regardless of the political climate, Western migrants are generally considered to be respectful of individuals.

Personal safety in Riyadh

Regarding personal safety, consider some things after moving to Riyadh.Terrorist attacks against non-Muslim foreigners present certain dangers. Therefore, you must register with your embassy and review your travel warnings regularly. Avoid political demonstrations and large crowds in general. Keep your original passport and visa in a safe place. If your sponsor is your passport, make sure you have multiple copies handy. Always bring your iqama (ID card). The crime rate in Riyadh has increased but remains quite low. The most common crime is minor theft and poaching.


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