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Relation Visa

Family members of a Nepalese citizen can apply for a visa with the following documents.

A certificate of relations established by local authorities to establish relations with Nepali parents
Certificate of the nationality of parents (original and photocopy).
Affected family members must not be a foreign passport and go personally to DOI to check the formalities. It must be related to the applicant’s blood.
Passport and current visa (photocopy).
Online Form (Visa Relationship) (link for online visa application)
Resident visa holders can not work without having obtained a work permit from the Ministry of Labor. However, the work permit process begins with the immigration office. For more information, contact the Department of Immigration, a Visa nontourist.

Visa fee: USD 5 / month

Single-entry facility: $ 20 plus monthly visa fees

Several re-entry features: $ 60 in addition to monthly visa fees

What is the basis of the relationship to obtain a visa relationship?
– You can build your relationship with all your loved ones by blood (within your generation) through a relationship certificate (issued by a local government agency).

What is the duration of the visa relationship?
– It will be given a maximum of one year.

How much should I pay to process a visa relationship?
– It costs $ 5 a month. An extra $ 60 if you need several re-entry options.

4. How long can I apply for a visa?

– You can have at least a month. Consider a tourist visa if it is a shorter period. The types of non-tourist visas are intended for foreign parents of Nepalese citizens who must stay in Nepal for a long time.

5. Do I have a visa for the airport?

– no. It is issued only by the immigration office. You must obtain a tourist visa from the airport as an entry visa.

6. Can I get a 15-day tourist visa at the airport, apply for a non-tourist visa (visa relations) with the immigration department and extend my visa for one month?

– Yes. You can do it completely. However, if you are visiting Nepal for a shorter period, you may consider other options, such as: For example, a 90-day tourist visa, provided at the airport upon arrival. Visa relations are for holders of passports abroad (by blood) to Nepalese citizens who have to stay in Nepal for a variety of reasons. We assume that you are careful not to use this option to save money.

7. I can not take my loved one personally every time I have to renew my visa. What will I do?

– To renew the visa (non-tourist), the physical presence of your parent (as indicated in the certificate of relationship) is mandatory. If this is not possible, you still have the option to extend a tourist visa (if you do not exceed the 150-day tourist visa limit) for a given visa year (January to December). You can also obtain a Nepalese non-residential card (NRN) issued by the State Department.

8. What should I do to get an NRN card?

– Contact the nearest Nepal embassy/consulate/ diplomatic mission for procedures to obtain the NRN card.

9. Can I work if I have a visa relationship?

– no. You can only work if you get a work permit from the Ministry of Labor. The immigration office can facilitate the process by forwarding your application for a work permit to our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Contact DOI (Non-Tourism Visa Section) for more information on required documents. You must go to the Ministry of Labor and follow its procedures to obtain a work/employment permit.

10. Can I apply for a job or work permit without work?

– no. You can only apply if you find a job with a potential employer.

11. Do I need to renew my work permit each time I change my visa for the relationship?

– Yes, from now on, you must renew your visa and work permit if you work and stay in Nepal during this period.

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