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Save Your Green Card- Returning Resident Visa (SB-1)

A former immigrant who has lost his status as US resident states and wishes to return to the United States can do so by applying for reinstatement. The loss of this residence may occur if a person living in the United States lives more than two years in the United States with a re-entry permit or more than one year without a re-entry permit. An application for release as a resident requires proof that the applicant remains connected to the United States on a continuous basis, that his residence outside the United States is beyond the control of the applicant and that the applicant has always sought to return to the United States. The United States. US tax laws are respected, US ownership and ownership belong and US licenses and membership are obtained Visit US citizens, visit a foreign school, or declare a general US policy back is not enough.

Overview – Resident Visa Information

Step 1 – Qualification for Relocation
Request a return visa
Required documents
Fees required
Step 2 – Application and documentation of the immigrant visa
If your request to determine the status of the returning resident is not approved
About international travel and permanent residents
Overview – Resident Visa Information
A permanent resident (permanent resident or LPR) or resident who has resided outside the United States for more than one year or beyond the period of validity of a re-entry permit requires a new immigration visa and a permanent residence in the United States. According to the American Face Act, there is a provision that a special visa for returning immigrants must be granted to an LPR outside the United States due to circumstances beyond his control. This website deals with the return of the resident visa. If you are an LPR and you can not return to the United States as part of the validity of a green card (1 year) or a re-entry permit (2 years), you may be able to request an immigrant visa at the nearest US embassy or consulate. SB-1).

If your application for release as a resident is approved, you do not need to apply for an immigrant visa for yourself at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. United States (USCIS). You will need to be interviewed for your residency application and generally later for an immigrant visa. An SB-1 candidate must prove his immigration visa and undergo a medical examination. Therefore, visa processing fees and processing costs are due.

If you are the spouse or child of a US Forces member or US government representative assigned to a foreign order, you may be the spouse or child of a US Forces member or a member of the US Forces. civilian staff. The US government will use your permanent resident. Card (Form I-551) to enter the United States even if it expires. For this reason, you do not need an immigrant visa for a returning resident (SB-1) if you:

You did not provide your LPR status; and
Your spouse or parent returns to the United States.
Step 1 – Qualification for Relocation
According to the provisions of the Immigration Act, you must prove to the Consular Officer that:

When leaving the United States, legal permanent resident status;
United States with the intention to return, and did not give this intention; and
You are returning from a temporary stay abroad in the United States. If your stay abroad is longer, it is for this reason that you are not responsible and that you are not responsible.
Request a return visa
If you wish to apply for an immigrant visa for a return (SB-1), you must contact the nearest US embassy or consulate prior to your trip (at least three months in advance, if possible) in order to have sufficient time for visa processing. As part of the visa application process, an investigation.

Required documents

When applying for a Resident Immigrant Visa (SB-1), you must submit the following forms and documents to the US Embassy or Consulate where you are filing your application:

A completed application to determine the condition of the returning resident, Form DS-117
Your permanent residence card, form -551
Your re-entry permit, if available
You must also submit receipts indicating:

Travel data outside the United States (examples: airline tickets, passports, etc.)
Proof of your ties with the United States and your desire to return (examples: tax returns and proof of economic, family and social relations with the United States)
Prove that you stay longer outside the US for reasons beyond your control (for example, disability, employment in a US company, escort of a US spouse, etc.).
A consular officer will review your application and supporting documentation to determine if you meet the reporting criteria (SB-1). If you do so intentionally, you will need to be eligible for an immigration visa to obtain an immigration visa for return (SB-1).

Fees required

The following fees are required:

Request for Determination of Return Status Form DS-117. Select the fees for the current US Department of State fees.
If you are eligible for resident status (SB-1), the following fees will be charged for immigrant visa processing described below:

Form DS-230 Application Processing and Security Fees
Cost of medical examinations and vaccinations.

Visa application and immigration documentation
The embassy or consulate will receive specific instructions from you for the rest of your immigration process (SB-1). Exact instructions may vary by embassy or consulate. These instructions include:

Before your interview:

Instructions for your medical examination include a list of required vaccinations
Provide instructions for your interview, including the following documentation:

Visa Application and Immigration Application Form, Form DS-230, Part I and Part II

Original passport

Two photos that meet the guidelines for photography
A list of the civil documents that you should consult about your immigration visa, at the request of the embassy or consulate
See country-specific instructions and other information on the US Embassy website or consulate you are applying for.

If your request to determine the status of the returning resident is not approved
If, after reviewing your return request form, your Form DS-117 and your vouchers, the Consular Officer determines that you will not meet the criteria for obtaining an immigrant visa for return (SB-1 ), because you give it up. Whether resident in the United States or not, you may or may not receive a non-immigration visa, depending on whether you live abroad or in the country of your return. If you can not provide convincing evidence of attractive foreign affairs, you may need to apply for an immigration visa on the same basis and in the same category as the one you originally transferred.

About international travel and permanent residents

Before leaving the United States as a permanent resident for a temporary trip abroad, then back to the United States, you must read important information on the websites of the Citizenship and Immigration Services of the United States. United States (USCIS) and US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Visit the USCIS Website for more information on travel documents, including the re-entry permit and Form I-131, Travel Request Document. Information for residents returning from overseas trips to the United States.

Return of legal residents granted asylum status – Asylum seekers, asylum seekers and legitimate permanent residents who have been granted asylum status are subject to special conditions for traveling outside the country. the United States.

Documents required to request return status

Applicants wishing to submit a DS-117 form in Tokyo or Naha must make an appointment to do so. (Note: Even if you are submitting Form DS-117, make an appointment at I-130.) Candidates must appear in a personal version.

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