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South African Work Visa

Have you thought about working in South Africa? Therefore, the first step is to understand the different work visas you can ask for. The next step is to check if you qualify for the South African work visa you want. This is done quickly and easily by completing our free online analysis.

Start the process by working with basic visa information in South Africa.

What are the types of work visas?

There are several South African work visas allowing foreign immigrants to work in South Africa:

Work Permit for Critical Skills: This visa is based on a list of occupations required in South Africa. To qualify for a Critical Qualification Visa, the candidate’s position must be on the list and the critical qualification visa criteria must be met.
Business Work Visa: This visa allows companies located outside of South Africa to transfer their employees to a sister company, subsidiary or subsidiary in South Africa.
Occupational safety visa for sole proprietors: This visa is available for foreign immigrants only if the employer has a valid work visa for the company.
Contingent Visa: This visa is no longer used. Foreign immigrants with this visa should be another way to continue working in South Africa.
Work Permit for Extraordinary Abilities: When using the Work Quota Visa, the Extra Skills Work Visa is no longer used. It is recommended to consider alternatives if you have to continue working in South Africa.
General work visa: foreigners who do not meet the standard of another work visa can apply for a general work visa

What is the validity period of the visa for South Africa?

A work visa is usually provided for 2 to 5 years. Foreign immigrants who have been granted a temporary resident permit and have a valid work visa for five consecutive years may apply for permanent residence.

What are the conditions for obtaining a South African work visa?

Each work visa has its own requirements. To find out more about what interests you, please contact one of our advisors.

How can I apply for a work visa?

Immigrants must meet all criteria and provide all required documents for each visa, as determined by the South African Ministry of the Interior.

You can also file the application itself, but why not save time and effort when Intergate Immigration does it for you? We have the necessary experience with more than 9,000 visa and visa applications processed by our team since 2019.

Integrate also has the necessary credentials. All of our advisors are registered with the Ministry of the Interior and we are the only South American immigration company certified to ISO 9001. The ISO seal of approval is recognized worldwide and indicates superior service standards.


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