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UK VISA Information, And Immigration

We are experts in British visa. We manage the move to start or extend the holidays in the UK, and we have the opportunity to make sure you meet the requirements set out in the immigration rules. Visit our Recent Legal Information page for changes to the law.

Our legal advisors are able to provide you with good advice for UK visas:

  1. Know that our customers stay abreast of the latest news and that our colleagues are always up to date. We regularly run training programs to ensure that the latest rule changes are applied to each consultation.
  2. Quality advice for your application, which clearly defines all the requirements necessary to comply with immigration regulations and the necessary documentation.
  3. The documentation is reviewed; ICS legal documentation provided by you in the application clearly defines the success of an application. The proof document must be submitted to avoid any refusal. Our job now is to show our clients what documents are needed.
  4. Success confirmed, our advisors are ideally placed to determine the success of a request for preparation. You will surely find success in preparing your application.
  5. In the management of transfers, clients advise us to ensure the proper management of their application process. Our case management system is integrated with our customers so that our customers are informed of the evolution of their request.

If in doubt, read more on the red bar pages. We are a controlled company, OISC & ICO connects us and we are listed via the Home Office, or let us know a call and talk to our colleagues at 0207 237 3388. You can also fill out our visa application form by clicking on the click. right here. Part of our consulting services is to ensure that we provide a review to ensure that you meet the requirements. After consultation, clients will receive a consultation report on case notes, advice, action plans, ICS Legal services and our calculations.

You can now book ONLINE consultations, click here to view all types of consultations or simply log in to your client.

Visit and business visa standard

For business reasons, Guest Visit to Business UK allows people to travel and stay in the UK for up to 6 months. If you wish to attend a seminar, a conference, a meeting or a professional event, Visitor Visitor will cover all

types of business trips.


British citizenship is the place where the elders of the United Kingdom give the British ILR British status on the basis of their marriage to the British people or some other base. They do not have the right to file a complaint against a refusal, but they have the right to insist on the evaluation of an undesirable decision.

According to the visa

The UK Dependency Visa allows an applicant to apply for Unlimited UK Vacation Leave (ILR). It is also called permanent residence. This request is based on the perspective of an applicant with a person who is a British citizen and who will support the claim. The UK Dependency Visa does not impose immigration restrictions on the type of business that a person can do when they arrive in the UK.

EEA residence permit

An EEA national applying for an EEA residence permit visa in the United Kingdom must provide it, as well as the family of his / her dependents. Under European Community law, EEA citizens have the right to work and live legally in the United Kingdom. In the EEE residence permit, the owner can work independently in the UK, whether he runs a business, runs a business or only receives job offers. All of these options can be done without work authorizations. However, there may be circumstances in which a candidate may be required to enroll in the Scheme Employee program.

Business visa

If you want to start or hire a British company to live and work in the UK, you can do it in the Tier 1 Entrepreneur category. You have to prove that you have at least £ 50,000 available to work on

Wedding visa

Couples or married couples of a British spouse, spouse or partner of a British resident or a British resident may apply for permission to enter the country. The spouse / partner must apply for an entry permit before entering the UK. Entry permits are issued for an initial period of 33 months and may be extended by an additional 30 months. Married or common-law children who have not reached the age of 18 will be admitted to the United Kingdom under the principal applicant.

Sponsorship License

The British Point Based System (PBS) is an essential element of the most comprehensive adjustment of British immigration over the last 30 years. Level 2 of PBS is now in place and replaces the work permit system and other work programs. Any employer intending to sponsor a non-EEA national or to extend the consent of existing non-EEA workers whose presence in the United Kingdom is maintained must first obtain a license to sponsorship.

Student visa

The student visa service does not provide a means of settling accounts; It does not provide a permanent residence permit in the United Kingdom (ILR), often called permanent residence, and no one should become a British citizen because of British naturalization. However, once your course is over, you can use a student visa to change your immigration office in the UK without leaving the country. If your course lasts less than 6 months, you may be allowed to enter the country with the British visa.

Level 1 visa

The system based on the British Immigration Level 1 (PBS) points comprises four departments. Level 1 category is for non-EEA citizens wishing to work in the UK. Unlike the rest of the Category 1 entry system, the Category 1 visa application does not require sponsors and only depends on the applicant’s success at a minimum of 100.

Level 2 visa

The Level 2 work permit is for qualified and highly qualified people who are planning to move to the UK to work with a UK company. Level 2 visas are for nationals outside the European Economic Area with a confirmed job offer from a UK-based company. Applicants for a Level 2 visa must obtain a work permit before entering. The visa is specially designed for moderately to highly specialized workers with a certificate of sponsorship.

visitor visa

There are many types of visitor visas in the UK, most of them depending on the purpose of the visit. Visits can take place for general reasons, business, studies or medical treatment and to get married. A foreign visitor visa is required for many foreigners wishing to travel to the UK for short stays. If you need a visitor visa, it depends on your nationality, the purpose of your visit and the length of your stay.

Visa extensions

To obtain an extension of the UK visa, located in a country of different categories, applicants must comply with the regulatory standards of the UK Home Office.

Pedigree Visa

Candidates for a British visa must be 17 years of age or older and be Commonwealth citizens. Applicants must have a grandparent born in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. Applications may be considered valid due to the birth of the Briton by one of your four grandparents, living or deceased. (Please note that applications for grandparent candidates born in the Republic of Ireland before March 1922 are also valid.) If you or one of your parents is registered, you may have a family with a visa. You must prove that proof of your adoption is taken into account.

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