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USA Visitor Visa Applicant Documents

Mandatory documents required for US Visitor Visa (Tourist Visa)

The original passport is valid for six months after the estimated date of arrival in the United States.
All the old passports.
One image per specification. A digital copy and a printed copy of the photo are required.
US DS160 visa application confirmation page stamped on the Visa Application Center (VAC).
Proof of payment, which constitutes a valid receipt.
Announcement of a letter of appointment to the interview with the United States.
Documents for US tourist visas (tourist visa)

Supporting documents for US Visitor Visa (Tourist Visa)

Crime story, then
Financial responsibility;
Intention to go home.
The additional documentation above facilitates the successful completion of the visa interview. Different conditions show different proofs.

A list of suggested documents for certain circumstances. The proposed documents are incomplete and serve only as guides.

Includes documents for tourism, fun, and exploration of the United States
Proof of money (statement of account, copy of savings account, other proof of payment).

Supporting documents for tourism, pleasure, and exploring the United States

The tax ID number, PAN ID, copy of tax records from last year.
Business card, if you have one.

Supporting documents for visiting children, family, attending a family event, etc.

Includes materials for visiting children, family, family events, etc.
Invitations from children or parents.
Proof of the event, invitation card, booklet, etc.
Documents included for medical treatment.

Supporting documents for medical treatment

If your trip is about to receive medical treatment, you will find a separate list of documents required for a visit with a medical visitor visa to the United States.

Supporting Documents for a B2 visa for B1 holder’s spouse or children requesting a dependent b2 visa to accompany B1 visa holder to the USA.

visa to accompany the B1 visa holder in the United States.
Copy of B1 visa holder’s passport and visa. (If the B1 owner has obtained his visa, the registration is pending)
Invitation letter from the owner of B1
Adjust the cost and travel of the trip by the sponsor, whether the holder of the B1 visa or the company/organization that bears the costs.
Write to consulate B1 (main visa holder), where the visa is requested for the spouse/child.
A letter from a company (company) from a B1 visa holder to a consular requesting and requesting a visa for the B1 family of beneficiaries may also be useful.
Other documents proposed for visitor visas
Occupation: If you work, you will receive a work confirmation letter.
If you are a government employee, you must take NOK.
If you are self-employed, you will need to obtain proof of company ownership and financial history.
Note: The list of documents above is not mandatory and, depending on the circumstances, some of these documents may not apply. In addition, documents or documents may be obtained at the consular office not mentioned above. The list above contains the documents most commonly requested by immigration officers during a visa interview.

For individual parents or applicants whose travel has been sponsored by their children, family or friends in the United States, they must receive certain documents from the sponsors. See the next section for a complete list of required sponsor documents.

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