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Visa requirements for Uruguayan citizens

The conditions for obtaining a visa for Uruguay are restrictions on the entry into government of the authorities of other Uruguayan states. Until March 26, 2019, Uruguay has access to 155 countries and territories without a visa or visa, its Uruguayan passport being the 25th in terms of freedom of movement under the Henley passport index.

Uruguay does not need a passport to travel to South America (except in Guyana) because it can use its identity card.

Visa requirement

Visa requirement for holders of a normal passport for tourist purposes:

Uruguay is a full member of Mercosur. As a result, its citizens have full access to all other full members (Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay) and affiliated members (Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) with the right to live and work. Citizens of nine countries (including Uruguay) can apply for a “temporary stay” of up to two years in a group of foreign countries. They can then apply for “permanent residence” as soon as possible before the end of their “temporary stay”.
Visitors who have obtained an online visa or who apply for a consular visa to Angola in a foreign country will receive a visa upon arrival at the country’s inspection posts.
For a maximum stay of 90 days a year.
In addition to proving that a visa is issued on arrival, passengers must: have a return ticket and a hotel reservation confirmation.

Admission is authorized with a valid Uruguayan ID card under 10 years old. Uruguayans can legally live and work in Argentina under the Mercosur (and Associate) Immigration Agreement, without becoming a citizen or naturalized citizen for more than five years and must pass a background check.

Entry is authorized by a valid passport of Uruguay under 10 years old. Uruguayan citizens can legally live and work in Bolivia under the Mercosur Convention (and affiliated members) without being required to become a natural citizen or naturalized citizen within five years and pass a benchmark examination.

Entry is authorized by a valid passport of Uruguay under 10 years old. Uruguayans can settle and work legally in Brazil under the Mercosur agreement (and member affiliates) without having to become a citizen born or naturalized within five years and pass a review of their antecedents.

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