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Visa to pass through the UK in transit


You may need a travel visa across the UK (your way abroad).

Check if you need it before applying.

To receive a transit visa, you must check the following:

They travel abroad with enough money and plan to travel

You can enter this country
Their only goal in the UK is transit
You do not need a transit visa if you:

of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland
have a family EEE license
have a travel document at the home office, for example. B. You are a refugee or a stateless person
have a standard visitor visa
have a visa for a wedding

Types of transit visa

The required visa depends on your trip to the UK border when you arrive in the UK.

You’re not going through UK border control

They did not go through British border controls
Apply for a direct air transit visa (DATV) when you change flights in the UK without going through border controls.

They control the British border
Apply for a visa when you pass control of the British border and leave the UK within 48 hours.

You must apply for a standard visitor visa if

You must stay in the UK
You can prove that you often travel to the UK for a longer period


Direct Transit Visas for Air (DATV) – £ 35
Visited visitors – £ 64

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The Association for Computing Machinery does not issue formal invitation letters for visas to attend ACM sponsored conferences such as ACM ICMR 2019. We can however issue a visa support letter. The following info should be posted on the conference website:

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