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Work and Residence Permits VISA in Dubai

Many foreign citizens wish to apply to Dubai. In Dubai, you can get a residence if the sponsorship is provided by an employer. The visa residence visa must be renewed every three years. Another way to get residence in Dubai is to buy real estate. When someone lives, he can also open a bank account in Dubai.

Our start-up business consultants in Dubai can provide you with information on the main ways to settle in residence in an emirate. With years of experience in various fields, you can also call on our specialists if you need help to set up a business in Dubai.

Who can apply for a residence permit for the UAE?

There are certain conditions under which a foreigner may apply for a residence permit in the United Arab Emirates. These conditions also depend on the nationality of the applicant. The following conditions must be met when applying for a residence permit in Dubai: Citizens of other nationalities than the Gulf Talk Meeting must apply for a residence permit to settle in Dubai.

In the case of a residence visa obtained through employment, the employer must apply for a visa for the name of a foreign citizen. The residence visa is required for various actions, for example. For example, open a bank account in Dubai or buy different products, including cars.The validity of the passport when applying for a residence visa in Dubai must be at least 6 months. Our business development consultants in Dubai provide detailed information on all the benefits that a foreign citizen can get once he/she gets a residence permit in the UAE.

New requirements for obtaining a residence visa for Dubai

In 2018, the UAE government changed its settlement requirements in Dubai. Under the new conditions, foreigners who apply for a work permit on the basis of an employment contract must also submit a certificate of good conduct, which they must obtain from their country of residence. For people who change jobs, this certificate is not required.

A new requirement for foreign citizens applying for a residence permit is to provide a valid email address. You will receive an e-mail from the local authorities informing you of your visa.

Relocating to a free zone in Dubai

It should be noted that not all residency requirements apply to foreigners moving to a Dubai free zone. Free zone authorities are responsible for obtaining residence permits, which are easier and faster to obtain.

In the case of residence permits obtained through employment, the authority of the free zone will issue a visa as soon as the employee has passed all the documents necessary for his work. In case of establishment of a business in a free zone in Dubai, the residence is: a registered registration process.

Obtaining residency through employment in Dubai

The most common reason why foreigners applying for a residence permit starts working with a Dubai company or joins family members who work and live in the city. In addition to sponsoring an employer, a foreigner can also obtain a residence permit if a UAE citizen works with him when he moves to Dubai.

First, he is granted an entry permit, which allows him to move to Dubai before the permit is issued. If the applicant applies for an entry visa for foreigners, the Dubai company must also apply for permission to rent a foreigner and give him a business license. The entry permit has a limited proof of 2 months, a residence permit must be requested within this period.

Expats who sponsor family members to receive a Dubai resident visa must have a monthly income of at least AED 3,000 if the accommodation is provided by the employer, or at least AED 4,000 per month if the sponsor has his own property.

Residency by buying a property in Dubai

Another way to find a resident Permit to stay business registration in Dubai.The most popular way to obtain a residence permit in Dubai is to register a business in the emirate or one of its free zones. If opening a business abroad involves the sponsorship of a local partner, the registration of a business in a Dubai free trade zone guarantees full ownership of it. This type of residence visa allows a foreign citizen to become a shareholder of a local company and to hire staff in Dubai.

The validity of a residence visa obtained by establishing a business in Dubai is three years and can be extended. Our Dubai start-up team can help you prepare introductory documents for Emirate companies or any of their free zones.

Residence in Dubai for family members

Most foreigners who move to Dubai are also interested in applying for a visa for other family members. They need to know that they can get a residence visa for close family members such as couples, children and even parents.The applicant must also meet certain criteria to bring family members to Dubai. Among them, his salary should be at least 4,000 AED or 3,000 AED, but additional funds are needed for housing.For those who wish to bring their parents, the employer can sponsor an employee, but the minimum wage is AED 10,000.In order to bring the family to Dubai, the holder of a residence permit must first apply for an entry visa for him. This procedure must begin 30 days before arrival.

In the case of the documents required for the issue of a residence permit for family members, the marriage certificate and the pay slip must be presented together with the information relating to the identity cards of the members of the family.The conditions to maintain Dubai are not very strict, so the number of foreigners settling in the UAE has increased. The government is also encouraging foreigners to settle here through various incentives for commercial or professional reasons.

The United Arab Emirates is an attractive country from different angles, and many foreigners come here to work or open up. Benefits to foreigners include flexible tax systems and a high standard of living. Foreigners need a residence permit before staying in the United Arab Emirates. It is easy to obtain a residence or work permit in Dubai and other Emirates, provided that all necessary measures are taken and that all documentation is prepared accordingly.

Our business development advisers in Dubai have the necessary experience to advise foreign citizens wishing to apply for a work or residence permit in the United Arab Emirates. We also introduce the provision of start-up services in Dubai and its free zones.

How can I get a residence permit and work in Dubai?

The residence visa is valid for 2 years. This is one of the main advantages of Dubai compared to other countries. Residence permits can also be extended without restrictions. Foreigners applying for a residence visa in Dubai have the right to bring their spouses and children if necessary.

Residence in Dubai gives the foreigner the right of permanent residence in the emirate. Work permits and residence permits carry an identity card used in the country instead of a passport. In order to maintain the validity of the residence visa, you must enter the country at least every six months.

To obtain a residence permit in Dubai, a local sponsor must have a certain standard. Residence visas can be purchased:

by buying a property
by accepting a business in Dubai,
by opening a business in Dubai.
Our business registration representatives in Dubai can help you obtain a residence visa in any of the situations described above. Many citizens who reside and have a work permit in Dubai have conjugal projects and are looking for a family in this city that offers many opportunities and they will stay.

Documents required to request a stay in Dubai

An alien residing in Dubai must also provide a copy of the valid passport, the birth certificate, the driving license and, where applicable, the marriage certificate, as well as the corresponding application form. The candidate must also submit copies of all qualifications. It is also possible that the authorities request information on their previous work experiences and references to former employers.

The candidate undergoes medical examinations before hiring. Any extension of residence permit requires a medical examination.

How much does a residence cost in Dubai?

The Dubai residency visa process is subject to certain fees, depending on the type of permit requested. These costs can mean:service fees associated with the collection of visa processing fees, knowledge fees and changes;
the cost of obtaining a medical certificate after a medical examination;
fees for the issue of an electronic residence permit or for the modification of the expiry visa;bank charges and approval fees for the work visa of the Ministry of Labor.

In the case of a work-based residence permit application, the Dubai company must also provide the guarantee that it will extinguish a sponsor. For this reason, the cost of applying for a residence in Dubai is usually not calculated correctly.The processing time of residence permits has been reduced over the years. For a quick and easy application process, you can request the services of our founding agents in Dubai. Our business registration agencies have extensive knowledge of how to obtain a residence visa in Dubai and can also help foreign investors to reside there.

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